City break in Paris


Why is there such a fuss about Paris? Well, as a cliche, I had to check it myself.  I wanted to feel the vibe and the pace of the city. I thrived to explore the streets, to admire the architecture and perhaps to learn some interesting stuff about the secrets that lie underneath all the pompous and glamorous etiquette that Paris is known by.

DAY 1:

The journey started with packing clothes ( the night before). The struggle was real because I wanted to pack my entire wardrobe.  Luckily, I ended up packing just the essentials : some clothes, shoes, toiletries, make-up and of course perfume ( we are talking about Paris !).

Then THE JOURNEY ITSELF:  HORRIBLE! Just think about changing 4 trains and having a flight (all in the same day).  From Bradford to Leeds, then from Leeds to Manchester Airport.

At the airport, we tried to figure where to go in order to arrive at the correct gate. When we finally got there, we saw an ENORMOUS QUEUE at security check.  I think that airports are known by their rough security checks but this one was at another level.

While flying,  I could not think about anything else but a cozy bed and a warm meal.  But when we arrived we had to find a way to get to the accommodation which was MILES AWAY.  Luckily, we were the first ones who got out of the plane so passport control took less than we expected. Then hungry, tired and confused, we looked for some type of instructions because we had no idea how to find our hotel and how to get there.  I asked someone and he gave us a map of the trains.

After another 20 minutes of trying to find the train station we bought the ticket.  But what took us more time was actually finding the right train because they (trains)  were really confusing.

After another 2 trains we finally got there.  It was almost 12 pm and most of the restaurants were closed. However, we found one which was relatively close to the hotel and we ate some good lasagna and a steak.

DAY 2:

I guess it is obvious that we started our day with a well-deserved cup of coffee.  But not our regular coffee: a dark but sweet coffee, served at the window from which you could see the so-popular streets of Paris,  along with a glimpse of The Eiffel Tower.  We were in love with the view.  It was not too sunny,  it was not too bright… It was just the perfect temperature and light to just admire and enjoy the view.

Since we did not have the breakfast included and we had to go in front of the Louvre Museum for a bus tour, we got ready and started walking towards Seine, hoping to find a decent (and not ridiculously expensive) place to have the traditional petit déjeuner parisienne.

As we walked on the street we admired the architecture and the people which seemed to blend perfectly within the landscape. The thing about this city is that you can wear anything from designer to second hand clothes.  Another thing we noticed was that french people like stickers quite a lot since they were everywhere : on buildings, on doors, on vans, on the pavement.

When we arrived near Seine, we saw a cute little restaurant where we had breakfast : a slice of cake, a croissant, a cappuccino and orange juice.

When we finished eating we still had some time to visit the area before the tour began. We explored some streets near Louvre which lead us to an AMAZING place filled with designer shops and cute coffee shops. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit them, because we needed to head back, for the bus ride.

We were lucky enough to find the first seats upstairs so we had a clear view.  We had an audio guide which talked about history, little facts and the architecture of the monuments that we visited. From Notre Dame, Champs Elisee to The Eiffel Tower, we visited the main touristic attractions of Paris.

We finished the tour with an hour cruise on the river.  It was a burden to wait in the queue but it was magical just to be on the boat, admire the bridges and the streets above the river, and to feel the warm sun mixed with the smell of water.

For lunch we had to walk a couple of miles from The Eiffel Tower in order to find a place to eat. I was surprised that there were no restaurants near that location.  After lunch we wen back to the Eiffel Tower.

We finished the day with some sweet churros and the mesmerizing lights of the tower.

DAY 3 :

All good comes to an end and so did our little city break. We had to leave because our flight was quite early.  We said goodbye to Paris by having once again, the traditional parisian breakfast, then we headed to the airport!

I was so happy to visit this amazing city and what they say it is true : Paris is the perfect city to visit with your partner! 😉 wink !


Leeds, cocktails and art


After a long month of procrastinating and deciding if I’m going to  study or spend one more day just doing nothing, I’ve decided that I need to change my behaviour and approach towards my free time.

As I wrote in my previous posts, Leeds is the perfect place if you are a student/tourist or just a resident in West Yorkshire. It’s an affordable train journey and Leeds is one of the biggest cities in UK in terms of small and medium businesses which means more places to see!

On a Tuesday morning , Raluca and I decided that we were going to visit Leeds because we both needed a girls’ day and an escape from our routine (student life best life).

We looked  online at restaurants and bars because she was quite hungry and we saw the cutest thing ever. A KITTY CAFE! I mean… A KITTY CAFE!!! With actual cats sitting on your lap or just around the table while you are drinking your coffee or eating. We were both really excited to go there and we made a reservation from Raluca’s phone. We were supposed to be there around 15:15. The train arrived in Leeds around 15:10 so we were quite in a rush.  Luckily, the restaurant  was near the train station so we ran just to be there in time.  When we got there SURPRISE , our reservation didn’t go through so we had to find something new.

After another 20 mins of just walking around , trying to find a decent place to eat (With burgers- Raluca’s request), we decided to visit the Art Gallery in Leeds.

They even had a section where you could create your own art!

It was really nice visiting the gallery (the 3rd time). Meanwhile, Raluca’s stomach was begging her to eat something. We looked around that area and we found an amazing place called ‘ Turtle Bay’. It had a reggae vibe , with awesome design and music. She ordered two cocktails  and a burger and I ordered a smoothie. We had a good chat and we enjoyed the atmosphere in the restaurant.

After we finished our drinks/food , we went on a walk. It was really pretty outside because it was a soft light which complemented the buildings’ shape and colour really well.

We finished the day with  some shopping and a good laugh. It was a really nice day with a lot of nice places.

The links for the restaurants :




Coffee, friends and more vintage bags!


Friday morning… After a night out full of joy and good jokes, we decided that we needed a girls’ day. Leeds seemed like the perfect location, giving the fact that there are plenty of charity shops and pretty coffee shops. Adina was looking for vinyls and maybe some books, Raluca was looking for clothes and I was hoping for the best.

We jumped on the bus and waited to see what that day was going to bring us. I was a bit hopeless regarding the charity shops because lately I have not found anything nice, worth buying. The plan was : visit as many charity/vintage shops as we can and after that enjoy a nice and hot coffee.

We got to Leeds. The air was cold and the wind… The wind was awful! We looked for shops on Google Maps and we found some around us (there were charity shops everywhere). We went to a vintage shop first. It had all kind of Levi’s jeans and pretty sweatshirts but they were all a bit expensive, giving the fact that they had been worn before. We headed to our next destination: a charity shop. With a lot of disappointment, we left.

Finally, we went to a British Heart Foundation charity shop and there, I found the treasure at the end of the rainbow: three designer bags! A black Louis Vuitton, a Gucci and a Chanel. I paid less than £70 for all of them. They have the serial number, and everything else! I double checked because it was too good to be true.

Adina found some nice vinyls and Raluca a nice coat and a puzzle. Everybody was happy so we decided that our next stop was going to be the coffee shop. We saw a nice place on our way to the last charity shop : Pieminister.

It was the perfect ending for a perfect day!





An artsy week



As expected (spoiler in the title) , this week I discovered (and re-discovered) some of the West Yorkshire’s wonders , followed by a great and cozy ‘art cafe’ at one of my best friend’s house.

It all started with an urge to escape the boring routine. I just grabbed my boyfriend and told him: ‘ Let’s go to the Art gallery in Leeds’ (even if it was a rainy day). It was a crazy idea giving the fact that we were both tired and it was a horrible weather outside. But we both agreed that visiting the Gallery is a good way to escape routine .As we walked towards the train station we saw another museum, a photography museum. We said ‘Why not?’.

After we stared at the beautiful photo albums for half an hour we continued our journey to Leeds.

After ariving in Leeds we decided that we should go straight to the Art Gallery and after, if we have time , to a coffee shop and maybe some charity shops. Said and done!

Last time we visited the Gallery was half an hour before it’s closing time so we didn’t have enough time to visit everything so this time we made sure that we are not in the same situation.

After taking lots of photos and trying to understand the contemporary art which includes two lines drawn on canvas (that’s all), we went in the same Starbucks that we went to last time we visited the Gallery. I had a black Americano and I hoped that we can still go to some charity shops because I felt really inspired and motivated to start an art collection. Unfortunately we did not have enough time mainly because all of the charities close at 17:00 but we were happy because we had a great day!

Just a few days later, I stayed over my friend’s house, Adina, for a girly night and a breath of fresh air. It’s always fun when I’m with her because I feel that we have mainly the same interests and the same approach to life, but in the opposite ways. We have a lot of topics to debate and discuss and it’s always a pleasure to spend time with her!

So it was: we talked about philosophers and their views on life, we admired famous paintings in her art catalogues and we talked about art and how we can make art out of nothing.

She is truly a form of art to me, being beautiful in many ways. One thing I admire about Adina is her way of being organised yet messy. Her journals are amazing, filled with thoughts and colour, passion and sadness. It’s like putting her entire existence into a couple of pages, she makes it look so effortless!

It was an amazing week, filled with information and activities. I had a good time with both my boyfriend and one of my besties, just enjoying art, one thing that I should do more often!




The Gray Trench


The timeless piece that is so versatile and that completes every wardrobe: The Gray Trench 

What about it? ( Besides the fact that makes you look posh and classy) It’s a clothing item that was, is and will be chosen for many years from now on. A brief history of the trench coat : It was worn by British and French soldiers mostly in WWI but it slowly gained fame and admiration and made it’s way up to the high fashion industry.

How can you wear it?

It really doesn’t matter because right now nobody really cares if you are following the old trends or if you add a new twist ( like those eccentric fashion bloggers). My comfort zone is not that wide at the moment and also I don’t really like to over-accessorise and over-dress, therefore I go for LESS IS MORE. A pair of jeans , a jumper and a black pair of heels

and there you have an outfit suitable for various events.



Small details matter


What about inspiration, do you have it ? Is it present in your inner self when making decisions overall? Are you motivated to carry on with your day ? Is it there something that you find simple yet sophisticated? Were are you looking for self-inspiring treasures? One little secret is :  EVERY DETAIL MATTERS.

Whether it’s a scented candle that lights up the plain atmosphere in your room, or just a simple necklace that with the right piece of clothing makes you look like taken out of the oldest issue of Vogue . Hmm… Can you put emphasis on the details without trying too much or without loosing the actual simplicity that you are looking for ?


A pair of black, plain, reading glasses, a nice book and some blues on a rainy day; A pearl necklace with  a black, lace blouse ; Some diamonds and a smile…

 When you look at you, in the mirror, what is the first thing that you notice? Is is your face? Your outfit? How about the details of your image? Your signature? Do you have one?

Are you writing your thoughts on paper? Are you happy with who you are or at least with your attempts of improving yourself?

Give it a go , try to live a life filled with inspiration and simple details!




Rain and Wakefield


What can be prettier than a walk in a rainy day, just after the sun shows it’s shy face for the first time in the last couple of days? Just walking on the pavement  on which the raindrops performed their last dance? how about that smell after rain? What about that experience plus some great views and nice music (and someone you love to share that experience with *ahem*) ?

I think that’s a pretty intimate way to end January and to start February , giving the fact that February is supposed to be the month of love. Speaking of , am I the only one who noticed that shops are pretty extra when it comes to V-day ? All the coffee shops and the stores have that red-heart theme going on ( which is pretty annoying when displayed a month before, sometimes more).

ANYWAY, going back to the views… The city that I decided to explore today was Wakefield , the city that I live in. It can be pretty generous when it comes to views and nice buildings. I tried to capture some of my favourite places in the city (majority of them are shops so nothing interesting there , hehe ) .

Good luck with exploring and lots of love ( it’s February 😉 )!


Short trip to Manchester


What can be more exciting than going on an unexpected (but carefully planned) trip , exactly after uni? After all , your attempts to stay awake during lectures must be rewarded in some way or another ( you deserve it)!

So, we went in Manchester. We planned going there since the beginning of January but we were caught up with our exams and after finishing them we decided that we need a break so we just chilled and did nothing ( and it was awesome).

Nothing fancy, we jumped on the train and just enjoyed the 2 hour journey while debating the name origin of the ‘Canadian Goose’  and eating a cheesecake KitKat. After that engaging discussion, we finally arrived. The first thought that I had when arriving in Manchester Victoria was ‘ Oh, that’s an ugly train station’ ( at least it’s not like the other train station in Wakefield -Kirkgate- which seems to be dragged out of a post-apocalyptic movie). Outside the train station things were nicer. The first building that we saw was the Football Museum ( it’s Manchester, what did you expect? ) which I believe it was filled with precious Manchester United items. After a bit of walking we decided that our trip has no purpose and that we are lost BUT we made the most out of it.

After a bit of walking , not much, we saw a mall -VICTORY-! We went in there but we were not amazed : same shops, same food, same people ( and some high-street brands). With a bit of disappointment we agreed that we want to do something different ( it was more like ‘where do you wanna go?’ ‘I don’t know’ ‘Say something!’ ‘I’ll do whatever’ ). After moaning about the fact that none of us knows what to do , we realised that we are hungry so we looked for a place to eat . We went in HardRock Cafe and it was an amazing experience. Besides the amazing ( but quite expensive) food,  the music and atmosphere were really the main attraction.

We also admired the beautiful combination between modern and Anglo-Saxon architecture as we were wandering around, just enjoying the views.

After a couple of miles, we found something that looked dodgy at first , but turned out to be the most amazing place ever. A vintage-ish sort of shop,  which had all kind of things : from Harley Davidson vintage boots to old-school magazines… Everything you can imagine! We spent there maybe more than 30 minutes trying to find something worth buying but we were not successful (maybe because we had such a variety of things to choose from).

After visiting this amazing place we noticed that it’s kind of dark outside and that we should go back home-and that what we did!

In the end we enjoyed our trip and I personally think that we needed it!


All Vintage !!!


Inspiration is everywhere (at least in my situation). Sources are infinite, some of them having a bigger contribution than others. As you can see, this post aims to encourage ( even more) vintage clothes-shopping and re-styling old clothes that you have in your wardrobe, or your mum’s (it’s all fun and games until she discovers that you stole half of her clothes).

One colour that I started to appreciate more and more recently is BROWN or at least nude-ish shades of brown. I think it’s a timeless colour that can be always worn in various situations. Owning a simple piece of clothing in that range of shades is a must. It is so versatile yet classy. So simple to wear yet it makes a huge difference.

Even if black is and will be my only love when talking about clothes, browns and caramels are my newest crushes. JUST THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES! Want a subtle turtleneck? Maybe some fancy leather gloves… Or just a trench?Or even a pair of fancy Oxford Shoes ? As I said, versatility is the key when wearing this colour.

I chose some vintage clothes (some mine, some that I stole from my mum and grandma) and I tried to create a story using just the browns and caramels and I really , really like the result but I will let you to be the judge of that!

‘ A walk in the nature’

Bag: Vintage (my mum’s closet)

Gloves: Vintage (my grandma’s closet)

Turtleneck: Vintage (my mum’s closet)

Scarf: Vintage (ASOS marketplace)

Jacket: Thrifted (British Heart Foundation)

Just a casual walk in a rainy day , a day in which you feel like spicing things up by being plain yet classy. Less is more , always . As you walk, the crisp air sneaks around your face, making your cheeks look like pink, delicate roses. Of course, you are wearing your new oxford shoes in that brown shade , darker at the bottom. You like the feeling of raindrops softly touching the pavement , it’s such an iconic scene. The puddles seem like challenges when your inner-kid wants to ruin your shoes by jumping in all of them. At the end of the day , you are just enjoying your walk , aren’t you?


The deal with thrift shopping


So, what’s the deal with thrift shopping? (Besides the fact that you are helping the Planet by recycling clothes and avoiding waste) 

Well, it’s pretty obvious that some people are avoiding wearing/buying second-hand clothes due to ‘hygienic reasons’ ( I was one of them) but that shouldn’t be the case. I mean , yeah, those clothes have been worn before and you don’t know whether or not that person was friends with personal hygiene or not. But heeey, that’s why the washing machine exists!

Personally, I like second-hand and charity shopping because of the great things that you can find in there : vintage, designer , vintage and designer (that’s my fave). Whenever I go in one of those shops it’s like a treasure-hunt:  GOING FOR THE BIG PRIZE! And sometimes, when I have time and luck, I can find unique pieces that may look like old-fashioned or worthless to some people.

Yesterday I went in one of those charity shops that I was talking about. It’s called British Heart Foundation and it is fighting to end heart diseases. I walked in, tired after an exam and a tiring train journey, hoping that I’ll find something worth adding to my collection. I wasn’t disappointed ! I found a vintage Gucci bag made out of real leather. And when I say vintage, I mean it is at least 50 years old (oldie but goldie). It was £5 and I regret nothing.

There it is:


Another hack that you can use in order to facilitate your hunt for vintage items is to look online. Most of them are designer and they are pretty expensive . There are some sites that I like : Ebay, ASOS marketplace and Etsy. You can find there designer pieces at decent prices. One successful ‘hunt’ was on ASOS marketplace where I found a gorgeous Burberry scarf. It works just like Ebay : You have to pay online and the seller will  directly send the item. The scarf was £17 so yeah , massive deal!

The scarf:

I really hope that I encouraged at least some of you to try thrift shopping and to go and find unique pieces !