The Gray Trench

February 7, 2018 0 By Laura Dinu


The timeless piece that is so versatile and that completes every wardrobe: The Gray Trench 

What about it? ( Besides the fact that makes you look posh and classy) It’s a clothing item that was, is and will be chosen for many years from now on. A brief history of the trench coat : It was worn by British and French soldiers mostly in WWI but it slowly gained fame and admiration and made it’s way up to the high fashion industry.

How can you wear it?

It really doesn’t matter because right now nobody really cares if you are following the old trends or if you add a new twist ( like those eccentric fashion bloggers). My comfort zone is not that wide at the moment and also I don’t really like to over-accessorise and over-dress, therefore I go for LESS IS MORE. A pair of jeans , a jumper and a black pair of heels

and there you have an outfit suitable for various events.