Small details matter

February 5, 2018 0 By Laura Dinu


What about inspiration, do you have it ? Is it present in your inner self when making decisions overall? Are you motivated to carry on with your day ? Is it there something that you find simple yet sophisticated? Were are you looking for self-inspiring treasures? One little secret is :  EVERY DETAIL MATTERS.

Whether it’s a scented candle that lights up the plain atmosphere in your room, or just a simple necklace that with the right piece of clothing makes you look like taken out of the oldest issue of Vogue . Hmm… Can you put emphasis on the details without trying too much or without loosing the actual simplicity that you are looking for ?


A pair of black, plain, reading glasses, a nice book and some blues on a rainy day; A pearl necklace with  a black, lace blouse ; Some diamonds and a smile…

 When you look at you, in the mirror, what is the first thing that you notice? Is is your face? Your outfit? How about the details of your image? Your signature? Do you have one?

Are you writing your thoughts on paper? Are you happy with who you are or at least with your attempts of improving yourself?

Give it a go , try to live a life filled with inspiration and simple details!