I did some exploring in Leeds… and I do not regret it!


Have you ever thought about the fact that there are some places in your city/town that you did not explore? You’ll be amazed by the beautiful things that you can find, stuff that may seem like taken out of some fancy travel magazines. Maybe you are looking for something else, maybe you are more keen on feeling the vibe of the city, it’s pulse…


My advice? Go out and have fun (even if you are alone ) ! You can take pretty pictures which you can add to your private ‘art portfolio’.

I did have fun tonight just exploring Leeds, which is basically right next to me (12 mins train journey). Leeds was for me just a city with a huge shopping centre where I can go to satisfy my urge to spend money on stuff that I don’t need ( I can’t be the only one, right?).


After having my all time favourite: smoked salmon bagel (Wetherspoons I love you ), I just walked and walked and after walking for a while, I walked even more. Even if I had heels and my feet begged me to stop torturing them , the urge to explore this amazing city was too big. I had the privilege¬† to see amazing buildings with a breathtaking architecture , unique bars and shops and at the end, to relax while admiring the river (hint: it was dark outside ūüėČ ).


My eternal love for putting colour on canvas


Imagine waking up in a cold morning , looking for a reason to get out of the bed. You wander around, trying to make your way to the kitchen in order to prepare a hot cup of strong, black coffee. While drinking it, dressed in that cosy bathrobe,¬† your mind goes somewhere you’d like to be. A place you created for yourself, a place filled with patterns, colours and textures that only you can see and touch… Sounds surrealistic but what if you could let that place come to you instead ?

Just imagine that explosion of colour and the density of it flowing through your synapses, filling you with creativity and motivation. What if you could create your own space of freedom?

That is how I feel when the paintbrush touches the white, pure canvas. I feel like I’m in charge of deciding whether it’s going to stay pure or it’s going to be a bit more playful or mysterious.

Or what if you could paint your feelings? What colour would you use for anger? How about love? Would you stick to the stereotypical red?

~Think about this : What is the colour of your personality?~

Help! I need to get my s#*t together!


We all know that January is the most hectic month of them all, especially if you are a student or if you just got back from a long break filled with fatty foods, laziness and occasionally ‘constructive criticism’ from your family.

The question is : ‘How am I supposed to go back to the normal routine ?’. I have an easy answer for this question¬†. Actually I don’t but let’s be honest, who has? For sure not those glossy magazines which claim to be the best ones when it comes to the cure for not having an unproductive January (been there, done that).

One thing that I like to do in order to have the illusion that I have my life together is to plan everything and to make my month as busy as I can, even if it is filled with exams ( sad reacts only).

Even if I may not always succeed , I try to write ‘To Do’ lists every now and then. From past experience, it does make a difference, a big one. Knowing everything that I need to do in a day (in order to distract myself from the fact that I may have gained weight or that I didn’t study at all in the Christmas Break) helps me get my s#*t done and at the end of the day I have the satisfaction that at least I attempted to be productive.

Journals and agendas are great when it comes to organising and developing plans for the week, month…year? And it’s a plus when they look cute and artsy. It’s like you feel more motivated to go out and do stuff even if you don’t know what or when.

~Hope you all have a January full of nice surprises, agendas and colour (and music) !~



First one!

¬†Welcome 2018! New year’s resolutions, new things to achieve but most important new opportunities. So, here I am, trying to do the thing I wanted to do way before 2018, writing and owning a blog.

‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.’

-Walt Disney-

This being said , I hope I can keep this promise that I made to myself and hopefully this year will be full of new, exciting and amazing experiences!