Leeds, cocktails and art

March 15, 2018 0 By Laura Dinu


After a long month of procrastinating and deciding if I’m going to  study or spend one more day just doing nothing, I’ve decided that I need to change my behaviour and approach towards my free time.

As I wrote in my previous posts, Leeds is the perfect place if you are a student/tourist or just a resident in West Yorkshire. It’s an affordable train journey and Leeds is one of the biggest cities in UK in terms of small and medium businesses which means more places to see!

On a Tuesday morning , Raluca and I decided that we were going to visit Leeds because we both needed a girls’ day and an escape from our routine (student life best life).

We looked  online at restaurants and bars because she was quite hungry and we saw the cutest thing ever. A KITTY CAFE! I mean… A KITTY CAFE!!! With actual cats sitting on your lap or just around the table while you are drinking your coffee or eating. We were both really excited to go there and we made a reservation from Raluca’s phone. We were supposed to be there around 15:15. The train arrived in Leeds around 15:10 so we were quite in a rush.  Luckily, the restaurant  was near the train station so we ran just to be there in time.  When we got there SURPRISE , our reservation didn’t go through so we had to find something new.

After another 20 mins of just walking around , trying to find a decent place to eat (With burgers- Raluca’s request), we decided to visit the Art Gallery in Leeds.

They even had a section where you could create your own art!

It was really nice visiting the gallery (the 3rd time). Meanwhile, Raluca’s stomach was begging her to eat something. We looked around that area and we found an amazing place called ‘ Turtle Bay’. It had a reggae vibe , with awesome design and music. She ordered two cocktails  and a burger and I ordered a smoothie. We had a good chat and we enjoyed the atmosphere in the restaurant.

After we finished our drinks/food , we went on a walk. It was really pretty outside because it was a soft light which complemented the buildings’ shape and colour really well.

We finished the day with  some shopping and a good laugh. It was a really nice day with a lot of nice places.

The links for the restaurants :