Just a lazy Sunday



What’s the point in having a busy life if you’re not going to treat YO SELF with some ‘leave me alone’ dayzzz in which your introvert side can  just be like ‘OMG ! Finally a break!’ ?

I bet you are  all guilty of having  a variety of dirty thoughts when it comes to bedroom : stay in bed all day and eat a bunch of sweets (sexy) . Or if you want to practice laziness as an extreme sport, not even get up to eat food (I like food way too much to do that ).

I mean, it’s always easier to get under the soft and warm blanket and just forget about things ( am I right?) when you’ve had enough of the outside world. I personally like to spice things up (kinky) with some scented candles ( my mum says that I am gonna die from lung cancer but it’s okay) or just some background music ( I prefer YouTube channels like TheSoundYouNeed or La Belle Musique ).

So yeah… This was my Sunday in a nutshell. I was supposed to study for my upcoming marketing exam but hey , s*#t happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Links for the youtube channels:




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