The deal with thrift shopping


So, what’s the deal with thrift shopping? (Besides the fact that you are helping the Planet by recycling clothes and avoiding waste) 

Well, it’s pretty obvious that some people are avoiding wearing/buying second-hand clothes due to ‘hygienic reasons’ ( I was one of them) but that shouldn’t be the case. I mean , yeah, those clothes have been worn before and you don’t know whether or not that person was friends with personal hygiene or not. But heeey, that’s why the washing machine exists!

Personally, I like second-hand and charity shopping because of the great things that you can find in there : vintage, designer , vintage and designer (that’s my fave). Whenever I go in one of those shops it’s like a treasure-hunt:  GOING FOR THE BIG PRIZE! And sometimes, when I have time and luck, I can find unique pieces that may look like old-fashioned or worthless to some people.

Yesterday I went in one of those charity shops that I was talking about. It’s called British Heart Foundation and it is fighting to end heart diseases. I walked in, tired after an exam and a tiring train journey, hoping that I’ll find something worth adding to my collection. I wasn’t disappointed ! I found a vintage Gucci bag made out of real leather. And when I say vintage, I mean it is at least 50 years old (oldie but goldie). It was £5 and I regret nothing.

There it is:


Another hack that you can use in order to facilitate your hunt for vintage items is to look online. Most of them are designer and they are pretty expensive . There are some sites that I like : Ebay, ASOS marketplace and Etsy. You can find there designer pieces at decent prices. One successful ‘hunt’ was on ASOS marketplace where I found a gorgeous Burberry scarf. It works just like Ebay : You have to pay online and the seller will  directly send the item. The scarf was £17 so yeah , massive deal!

The scarf:

I really hope that I encouraged at least some of you to try thrift shopping and to go and find unique pieces !




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