Coffee, friends and more vintage bags!


Friday morning… After a night out full of joy and good jokes, we decided that we needed a girls’ day. Leeds seemed like the perfect location, giving the fact that there are plenty of charity shops and pretty coffee shops. Adina was looking for vinyls and maybe some books, Raluca was looking for clothes and I was hoping for the best.

We jumped on the bus and waited to see what that day was going to bring us. I was a bit hopeless regarding the charity shops because lately I have not found anything nice, worth buying. The plan was : visit as many charity/vintage shops as we can and after that enjoy a nice and hot coffee.

We got to Leeds. The air was cold and the wind… The wind was awful! We looked for shops on Google Maps and we found some around us (there were charity shops everywhere). We went to a vintage shop first. It had all kind of Levi’s jeans and pretty sweatshirts but they were all a bit expensive, giving the fact that they had been worn before. We headed to our next destination: a charity shop. With a lot of disappointment, we left.

Finally, we went to a British Heart Foundation charity shop and there, I found the treasure at the end of the rainbow: three designer bags! A black Louis Vuitton, a Gucci and a Chanel. I paid less than £70 for all of them. They have the serial number, and everything else! I double checked because it was too good to be true.

Adina found some nice vinyls and Raluca a nice coat and a puzzle. Everybody was happy so we decided that our next stop was going to be the coffee shop. We saw a nice place on our way to the last charity shop : Pieminister.

It was the perfect ending for a perfect day!





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