City break in Paris

July 30, 2018 0 By Laura Dinu


Why is there such a fuss about Paris? Well, as a cliche, I had to check it myself.  I wanted to feel the vibe and the pace of the city. I thrived to explore the streets, to admire the architecture and perhaps to learn some interesting stuff about the secrets that lie underneath all the pompous and glamorous etiquette that Paris is known by.

DAY 1:

The journey started with packing clothes ( the night before). The struggle was real because I wanted to pack my entire wardrobe.  Luckily, I ended up packing just the essentials : some clothes, shoes, toiletries, make-up and of course perfume ( we are talking about Paris !).

Then THE JOURNEY ITSELF:  HORRIBLE! Just think about changing 4 trains and having a flight (all in the same day).  From Bradford to Leeds, then from Leeds to Manchester Airport.

At the airport, we tried to figure where to go in order to arrive at the correct gate. When we finally got there, we saw an ENORMOUS QUEUE at security check.  I think that airports are known by their rough security checks but this one was at another level.

While flying,  I could not think about anything else but a cozy bed and a warm meal.  But when we arrived we had to find a way to get to the accommodation which was MILES AWAY.  Luckily, we were the first ones who got out of the plane so passport control took less than we expected. Then hungry, tired and confused, we looked for some type of instructions because we had no idea how to find our hotel and how to get there.  I asked someone and he gave us a map of the trains.

After another 20 minutes of trying to find the train station we bought the ticket.  But what took us more time was actually finding the right train because they (trains)  were really confusing.

After another 2 trains we finally got there.  It was almost 12 pm and most of the restaurants were closed. However, we found one which was relatively close to the hotel and we ate some good lasagna and a steak.

DAY 2:

I guess it is obvious that we started our day with a well-deserved cup of coffee.  But not our regular coffee: a dark but sweet coffee, served at the window from which you could see the so-popular streets of Paris,  along with a glimpse of The Eiffel Tower.  We were in love with the view.  It was not too sunny,  it was not too bright… It was just the perfect temperature and light to just admire and enjoy the view.

Since we did not have the breakfast included and we had to go in front of the Louvre Museum for a bus tour, we got ready and started walking towards Seine, hoping to find a decent (and not ridiculously expensive) place to have the traditional petit déjeuner parisienne.

As we walked on the street we admired the architecture and the people which seemed to blend perfectly within the landscape. The thing about this city is that you can wear anything from designer to second hand clothes.  Another thing we noticed was that french people like stickers quite a lot since they were everywhere : on buildings, on doors, on vans, on the pavement.

When we arrived near Seine, we saw a cute little restaurant where we had breakfast : a slice of cake, a croissant, a cappuccino and orange juice.

When we finished eating we still had some time to visit the area before the tour began. We explored some streets near Louvre which lead us to an AMAZING place filled with designer shops and cute coffee shops. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit them, because we needed to head back, for the bus ride.

We were lucky enough to find the first seats upstairs so we had a clear view.  We had an audio guide which talked about history, little facts and the architecture of the monuments that we visited. From Notre Dame, Champs Elisee to The Eiffel Tower, we visited the main touristic attractions of Paris.

We finished the tour with an hour cruise on the river.  It was a burden to wait in the queue but it was magical just to be on the boat, admire the bridges and the streets above the river, and to feel the warm sun mixed with the smell of water.

For lunch we had to walk a couple of miles from The Eiffel Tower in order to find a place to eat. I was surprised that there were no restaurants near that location.  After lunch we wen back to the Eiffel Tower.

We finished the day with some sweet churros and the mesmerizing lights of the tower.

DAY 3 :

All good comes to an end and so did our little city break. We had to leave because our flight was quite early.  We said goodbye to Paris by having once again, the traditional parisian breakfast, then we headed to the airport!

I was so happy to visit this amazing city and what they say it is true : Paris is the perfect city to visit with your partner! 😉 wink !