Just a lazy Sunday



What’s the point in having a busy life if you’re not going to treat YO SELF with some ‘leave me alone’ dayzzz in which your introvert side can  just be like ‘OMG ! Finally a break!’ ?

I bet you are  all guilty of having  a variety of dirty thoughts when it comes to bedroom : stay in bed all day and eat a bunch of sweets (sexy) . Or if you want to practice laziness as an extreme sport, not even get up to eat food (I like food way too much to do that ).

I mean, it’s always easier to get under the soft and warm blanket and just forget about things ( am I right?) when you’ve had enough of the outside world. I personally like to spice things up (kinky) with some scented candles ( my mum says that I am gonna die from lung cancer but it’s okay) or just some background music ( I prefer YouTube channels like TheSoundYouNeed or La Belle Musique ).

So yeah… This was my Sunday in a nutshell. I was supposed to study for my upcoming marketing exam but hey , s*#t happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Links for the youtube channels:




Help! I need to get my s#*t together!


We all know that January is the most hectic month of them all, especially if you are a student or if you just got back from a long break filled with fatty foods, laziness and occasionally ‘constructive criticism’ from your family.

The question is : ‘How am I supposed to go back to the normal routine ?’. I have an easy answer for this question . Actually I don’t but let’s be honest, who has? For sure not those glossy magazines which claim to be the best ones when it comes to the cure for not having an unproductive January (been there, done that).

One thing that I like to do in order to have the illusion that I have my life together is to plan everything and to make my month as busy as I can, even if it is filled with exams ( sad reacts only).

Even if I may not always succeed , I try to write ‘To Do’ lists every now and then. From past experience, it does make a difference, a big one. Knowing everything that I need to do in a day (in order to distract myself from the fact that I may have gained weight or that I didn’t study at all in the Christmas Break) helps me get my s#*t done and at the end of the day I have the satisfaction that at least I attempted to be productive.

Journals and agendas are great when it comes to organising and developing plans for the week, month…year? And it’s a plus when they look cute and artsy. It’s like you feel more motivated to go out and do stuff even if you don’t know what or when.

~Hope you all have a January full of nice surprises, agendas and colour (and music) !~



First one!

 Welcome 2018! New year’s resolutions, new things to achieve but most important new opportunities. So, here I am, trying to do the thing I wanted to do way before 2018, writing and owning a blog.

‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.’

-Walt Disney-

This being said , I hope I can keep this promise that I made to myself and hopefully this year will be full of new, exciting and amazing experiences!