An artsy week



As expected (spoiler in the title) , this week I discovered (and re-discovered) some of the West Yorkshire’s wonders , followed by a great and cozy ‘art cafe’ at one of my best friend’s house.

It all started with an urge to escape the boring routine. I just grabbed my boyfriend and told him: ‘ Let’s go to the Art gallery in Leeds’ (even if it was a rainy day). It was a crazy idea giving the fact that we were both tired and it was a horrible weather outside. But we both agreed that visiting the Gallery is a good way to escape routine .As we walked towards the train station we saw another museum, a photography museum. We said ‘Why not?’.

After we stared at the beautiful photo albums for half an hour we continued our journey to Leeds.

After ariving in Leeds we decided that we should go straight to the Art Gallery and after, if we have time , to a coffee shop and maybe some charity shops. Said and done!

Last time we visited the Gallery was half an hour before it’s closing time so we didn’t have enough time to visit everything so this time we made sure that we are not in the same situation.

After taking lots of photos and trying to understand the contemporary art which includes two lines drawn on canvas (that’s all), we went in the same Starbucks that we went to last time we visited the Gallery. I had a black Americano and I hoped that we can still go to some charity shops because I felt really inspired and motivated to start an art collection. Unfortunately we did not have enough time mainly because all of the charities close at 17:00 but we were happy because we had a great day!

Just a few days later, I stayed over my friend’s house, Adina, for a girly night and a breath of fresh air. It’s always fun when I’m with her because I feel that we have mainly the same interests and the same approach to life, but in the opposite ways. We have a lot of topics to debate and discuss and it’s always a pleasure to spend time with her!

So it was: we talked about philosophers and their views on life, we admired famous paintings in her art catalogues and we talked about art and how we can make art out of nothing.

She is truly a form of art to me, being beautiful in many ways. One thing I admire about Adina is her way of being organised yet messy. Her journals are amazing, filled with thoughts and colour, passion and sadness. It’s like putting her entire existence into a couple of pages, she makes it look so effortless!

It was an amazing week, filled with information and activities. I had a good time with both my boyfriend and one of my besties, just enjoying art, one thing that I should do more often!




My eternal love for putting colour on canvas


Imagine waking up in a cold morning , looking for a reason to get out of the bed. You wander around, trying to make your way to the kitchen in order to prepare a hot cup of strong, black coffee. While drinking it, dressed in that cosy bathrobe,  your mind goes somewhere you’d like to be. A place you created for yourself, a place filled with patterns, colours and textures that only you can see and touch… Sounds surrealistic but what if you could let that place come to you instead ?

Just imagine that explosion of colour and the density of it flowing through your synapses, filling you with creativity and motivation. What if you could create your own space of freedom?

That is how I feel when the paintbrush touches the white, pure canvas. I feel like I’m in charge of deciding whether it’s going to stay pure or it’s going to be a bit more playful or mysterious.

Or what if you could paint your feelings? What colour would you use for anger? How about love? Would you stick to the stereotypical red?

~Think about this : What is the colour of your personality?~