All Vintage !!!

January 22, 2018 0 By Laura Dinu


Inspiration is everywhere (at least in my situation). Sources are infinite, some of them having a bigger contribution than others. As you can see, this post aims to encourage ( even more) vintage clothes-shopping and re-styling old clothes that you have in your wardrobe, or your mum’s (it’s all fun and games until she discovers that you stole half of her clothes).

One colour that I started to appreciate more and more recently is BROWN or at least nude-ish shades of brown. I think it’s a timeless colour that can be always worn in various situations. Owning a simple piece of clothing in that range of shades is a must. It is so versatile yet classy. So simple to wear yet it makes a huge difference.

Even if black is and will be my only love when talking about clothes, browns and caramels are my newest crushes. JUST THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBILITIES! Want a subtle turtleneck? Maybe some fancy leather gloves… Or just a trench?Or even a pair of fancy Oxford Shoes ? As I said, versatility is the key when wearing this colour.

I chose some vintage clothes (some mine, some that I stole from my mum and grandma) and I tried to create a story using just the browns and caramels and I really , really like the result but I will let you to be the judge of that!

‘ A walk in the nature’

Bag: Vintage (my mum’s closet)

Gloves: Vintage (my grandma’s closet)

Turtleneck: Vintage (my mum’s closet)

Scarf: Vintage (ASOS marketplace)

Jacket: Thrifted (British Heart Foundation)

Just a casual walk in a rainy day , a day in which you feel like spicing things up by being plain yet classy. Less is more , always . As you walk, the crisp air sneaks around your face, making your cheeks look like pink, delicate roses. Of course, you are wearing your new oxford shoes in that brown shade , darker at the bottom. You like the feeling of raindrops softly touching the pavement , it’s such an iconic scene. The puddles seem like challenges when your inner-kid wants to ruin your shoes by jumping in all of them. At the end of the day , you are just enjoying your walk , aren’t you?